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Tree Appraisal Services - Minnesota

Tree Appraisal Services in Minnesota

Are you seeking appraisal services for the trees on your property in Minnesota?


You might be shocked to learn just how much the trees on your land in Minnesota are worth. In the event that you need to file an insurance claim or a tax deduction based on the value of your trees, or if you want to learn their value for the sake of an estate appraisal, you should hire a licensed arborist for the most unbiased, accurate appraisal possible.

Reputable Tree Appraiser

Given his status as both an ISA-Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) and a Registered Consulting Arborist (#705), Sam Kezar has the ultimate qualification to perform tree appraisals for your property in Minnesota - ones which are reasonable, realistic, objective and unbiased. It doesn't matter if you want just one tree or every tree in your yard appraised, Sam and the rest of the Aspen Arboriculture Solutions crew have got you covered.


Aspen's tree appraisals follow the "Guide for Plant Appraisal" to determine the most realistic value for each of your trees. These guidelines guarantee that our tree appraisals will be as accurate and as objective as possible. Rest assured, our full report will give you all the details of the process we used to calculate the value for every tree on your property in Minnesota.

Trusted Tree Appraisals in Minnesota

Figuring out how much your trees are worth is no easy task. However, Sam Kezar and his fellow arborists know exactly how to do the math to perform accurate tree appraisals. Reach out to Aspen Arboriculture Solutions today for the best tree appraisals in Minnesota!

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