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Expert Witness- South Dakota

Expert Witness in South Dakota

Are you looking for an expert witness for a tree-related case in the state of South Dakota?


The tree care industry is complex and there are many legal issues that may arise. From issues involving tree worker safety to tree and plant appraisals, you'll want an expert witness in your corner. If you're involved in a legal case which revolves around trees in the South Dakota area, no one's better suited for the job than a dedicated arboricultural professional who knows the laws of the tree care industry inside and out.

Expert Witness For Tree-Related Legal Cases

As an ISA-Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) and a registered Consulting Arborist (#705), Sam Kezar has created a reputation as a reliable source of arboricultural testimony throughout South Dakota and beyond. Sam is able and willing to testify on your behalf, both in court and in depositions.


Due to his veteran expertise involving a background in tree care research and working as an instructor for safe tree care practices, Sam can investigate your case and provide an unbiased, objective report on the compliance, or lack thereof, to tree care safety protocol and practices. If you need accurate and expert information on any legal case involving trees, Aspen Arboricultural Solutions is at the ready to provide expert witness testimony and litigation consultation.


Aspen Will Testify For You

If you're caught up in a legal battle over a tree-related situation in South Dakota, bring in a professional consulting arborist to take the stand. Sam Kezar is already recognized and respected as an expert witness in several different states.


Reach out to Aspen Arboricultural Solutions today for the best expert witness services for tree care cases in South Dakota!

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