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Expert Witness- North Dakota

Expert Witness in North Dakota

Do you need an expert witness for a tree-related case in the state of North Dakota?


Working on trees is a job that comes with many difficulties. From injuries sustained by tree care workers to disputes over the value of the trees on a property during an appraisal, many legal battles break out because of trees. If you've been wrapped up in a case revolving around trees in North Dakota, call an expert witness to take the stand for you.

Expert Witness For Tree Care Cases

When you need a witness for your tree-related legal case, look no further than Sam Kezar! As both an ISA-Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) and a registered Consulting Arborist (#705) in the state of North Dakota, he has all necessary qualifications to give expert testimony on tree care practices that can be relied upon as evidence in court.


The expert witness services of Sam and the Aspen Arboriculture Solutions team are perfect for legal cases which require a thorough understanding of trees and the care and safety practices involved when working with them. With years' worth of experience with all things tree-related, we can provide you unbiased knowledge on whether or not tree care practices and protocols were followed during your trial so that justice may prevail on your behalf.


Aspen Will Take the Stand for Tree Care Cases

Hiring a professional tree expert to give testimony on your behalf can mean the difference between victory and defeat in court. Sam Kezar is one such witness who has developed an excellent reputation as someone who knows all that there is to know about trees and the laws associated with them.

Get in touch with Aspen Arboriculture Solutions today for the most qualified expert witness services for tree care cases in North Dakota!

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