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Expert Witness- Kansas

Expert Witness Services in Kansas

Are you looking for an expert witness for a tree-related legal case in Kansas?


Trees can cause a lot of legal disputes, mainly revolving around the safety of tree workers and the value of trees on an estate. If you're faced with a legal case caused by trees in Kansas, enlist the services of a certified arborist who can act as an expert witness.

Reliable Expert Witness for Tree-Related Legal Cases

As both an ISA-Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) and a licensed Consulting Arborist (#705), Sam Kezar is the perfect expert witness for your tree-related legal dispute in Kansas. Sam knows the laws of the tree care industry intimately and can testify in court or depositions on your behalf.


Sam's extensive background as an expert on all things tree-related allows him to provide an objective, unbiased testimony about the value of trees and on whether good tree care safety protocols were followed. Sam is backed up by his team at Aspen Arboriculture Solutions, allowing him to provide legal support for your case in Kansas.


Aspen's Expert Witnesses Are Here to Help

If you're faced with a legal case in Kansas involving a tree, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. Thankfully, Sam Kezar is a recognized and respected expert witness for all tree-related legal disputes. Get in touch with Aspen Arboriculture Solutions today for reliable tree-related expert witness services in Kansas!

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