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Expert Witness- Wisconsin

Expert Witness in Wisconsin

Do you need an expert witness for a tree-related case in the state of Wisconsin?


From appraisal of the trees on a property to suits regarding injury sustained while performing tree care, many legal cases revolve around trees. If you're involved in a legal struggle over trees in Wisconsin, you'll need an expert witness to testify in court for you. Who better than a Master Arborist?

Expert Witness For Tree Cases

Sam Kezar is both a ISA-Board Certified Master Arborist (MW 4503B) and a registered Consulting Arborist (#705), giving him peerless qualification to testify on tree-based court cases in Wisconsin. Sam can testify for you both in court and during depositions about trees, tree care and tree law.


Sam and his fellow professionals at Aspen Arboricultural Solutions are experts on tree care industry practices and safety protocols. Sam can offer the courtroom an unbiased and highly knowledgeable testimony regarding compliance to tree care protocols, the value of trees on an estate and any other tree-related legal issues. If you need an expert witness on trees in Wisconsin, Sam Kezar is your best choice.


Aspen Has the Best Expert Witness for Tree Cases

If you're embroiled in a legal battle involving trees, you need an expert witness to take the stand for you. Sam Kezar has developed a strong reputation as a credible source of testimony on any laws about trees and their care. Get in touch with Aspen Arboriculture Solutions today for peerless expert witness services for tree cases in Wisconsin!

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